Виктория Шпорта

Greetings! This is a special tool - an algorithm of actions that will help your business to effectively enter the on-line format and launch new sales channels right now. The best specialists from all over the world - professionals in the field of marketing, sales, design, branding… On my own behalf, I want to add that I endlessly believe in success and are inspired by your decision to improve in the current conditions!

To get started, you need to spend a few minutes on acquaintance - write about yourself, your project and the goals that you plan to achieve! Further - we will act together!

1 Let's get acquainted. We will share information about our product and what it will give you specifically. We will establish contact and work algorithm - convenient time of interaction, communication methods. Agree on a schedule of meetings and an action plan. Let's get inspired and get started!

2 We will study target audiences, your unique selling proposition, strengths and weaknesses of your business and product. How are you different in the market? Who are your competitors and how to get around them. We will study the possibilities of your business and its potential. What makes your project special?

3 We will work out branding or make a rebranding/refresh of the design - identity, corporate identity, business concept, visual enhancement of the business. Brand strategy, detachment from competitors. We will "pull out" the soul of the business and show it to the audience through the visual.

4 Let's analyze the sales channels - social networks such as Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, Etsy, E-bay, and, of course, your website.

4.1 We will work out the visual step by step, from photos and videos to creatives and graphics, we will learn how to present a product, package it, master the basis for creating and editing content, from photo retouching to video editing, we will work out the concept, content, tone of voice of business and sales scripts.

4.2 We will work out a promotion strategy, from collaborations with bloggers to targeted advertising settings. Let's analyze effective organic promotion solutions for social networks. Setting up the relationship between social networks, setting up an advertising account and setting up a Facebook showcase.

4.3 We will work out a website - domain, visual, communication with clients, we will study a constructor (free and paid features of the web industry). Setting up additional resources, working out the policy of working in the network, up to the terms of sale and return of goods, filling the site - from photos to descriptions.

5 Setting up a service: delivery services and optimal conditions for your business, sales scripts and other important points in working with clients. Remember, any contact with a client, step by step, shapes the image of your online business.

Perhaps you will find it difficult and time-consuming! But, having taken a step, you will not be able to stop! And this path will lead you to success! Your business will go online and will work efficiently and profitably!

Ready to take the first step? Still have questions? Fill out the form below and I will contact you shortly!